Chairman’s speech

Innovation And Truth-Seeking

Technology Credibility

Cooperation And Mutual Prosperity

Sincerely thanks very much to all friends who pay attention to Sichuan Mingtaishun Group. Because of your understanding, trust, care and support, Sichuan Mingtaishun Group will resume its steady development. Mingtaishun Group will live up to its trust and insist on innovation and progress in the CNC tool industry to overcome difficulties. In this process, we have not had the slightest slack, and always interpreted with gratitude and professionalism that Mingtaishun's enterprise is committed to "focusing on tool technology, focusing on customer needs, gathering team wisdom, and meeting social needs".

Founded in 2011, Mingtaishun Group has undergone many changes and development. It upholds the core values of "innovation and truth-seeking, technology credibility, cooperation and mutual prosperity", and the idea of "leading a new era of cutting tools and opening a new journey for cutting tools". Forget the original intention and move forward.

Looking back on the past, we are able to achieve today’s achievements because of the great era of reform and opening up, the support and love of all sectors of society, the loyal and stable workforce, and the tireless dedication of the Mingtaishun people. The pursuit and unremitting struggle.

Looking at the current situation, we already have a team that is constantly striving for self-improvement, an experienced team, and first-class industrial technology, production equipment, and testing instruments. Mingtaishun has become one of the best suppliers of CNC tools in China, and its series of products have been The unanimous praise from many impacting customers has condensed Ming Taishun's enterprise spirit of "promoting craftsmanship and pursuing excellent quality".

Looking forward to the future, we are committed to "focusing on customer needs", grasping the pulse of the times, overcoming the spirit of hard work, seeking innovation and change, and striding towards the great mission of "leading a new era of cutting tools and opening a new journey for cutting tools" go ahead.

Because of dreams, so forge ahead. With one technical innovation, one product upgrade, one customer development, and a little management improvement, we focus on creating value for customers, creating wealth for society, and creating the future for the company and employees!

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