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       Methods Machine Tools Machine Fest in Chicago featured over 15 live demos and over 20 industry vendors over two days, as well as showcasing automation solutions and multi-tasking machines.
       The Methods Machine Tools Machine Fest 2023 featured live demos, dozens of industry vendors, and multiple workshops over a two-day event in the Methods Chicago area.
        Deloitte and the Manufacturing Institute predict that there will be 2.1 million unfilled jobs in the US manufacturing industry by 2030. Due to this shortage, the demand for automation solutions in machine shops is expected to increase. Add to that a projected annual growth rate of 5.78% for the multitasking market from 2022 to 2030 and you are likely to see two potential themes that you will see frequently at industry trade shows and events in the future. These themes are at the heart of Methods Machine Tools’ Machine Fest 2023 as the company aims to showcase how its machines and automation solutions can help customers deliver parts faster and with fewer steps.
        “We try to provide our customers with information on how they produce complete parts and ship them every day for several reasons,” said Mike James, general manager of Methods, “first, to eliminate labor costs and reduce the number of operations required for production . Part. The store is dead. It loses margin, loses carrying capacity. And that leads to the second part: when you can’t ship, you can’t invoice the product and you can’t get paid. “.
        Hundreds of exhibitors, over 15 live demos and over 20 industry vendors showcasing their products, numerous automation solutions and multitasking machines from vendors such as FANUC, Yasda, Methods, Nakamura-Tome, OKK and more. .
        The Nakamura-Tome SC-100×2 is a dual turret multi-tasking machine that uses two tools on either side of the top turret for overlapping machining. Methods says the machine is suitable for swiss-type parts over 25mm in diameter, while using top and bottom turrets to give it the flexibility of a two-spindle machine.
        This MB 650U 5-axis machining center from Methods is equipped with a 48-arm Automatic Tool Changer (ATC). With its Automated Manufacturing Package (AMP), the MB 650U combines the automation of this machining center with an Indunorm six-pallet automatic pallet changer. Learn more about this automation package here.
        Nakamura-Tome MX-100 is a multi-tasking machine that works as a machining and turning center. The MX-100 has a capacity of 96 tools with a 15 HP top spindle. at 20,000 rpm for turning. The 8000 rpm milling turret provides 12 tool positions and 24 indexing positions. The company says the machine is well equipped for multi-component production of medical and aerospace parts.
        The Nakamura-Tome WY-100II is a two-axis multi-tasking machine with two turrets loaded by the RoboJob. Turn-Assist by RoboJob is Methods’ first comprehensive standard automation system for Nakamura-Tome lathes. With this setup, pre-programmed FANUC robots load blanks and unload finished parts from inventory tables.
        Automation was the main theme of BI-MU 2022, with flexibility putting emphasis on exhibitor offerings. These dual benefits may be the store’s biggest asset in fighting inflation.
        Robots help MetalQuest stay competitive and close skill gaps. Find out how they integrate advanced automation into every aspect of the shop floor.
       Safe and cost-effective automation using cobots can transform manufacturing facilities and address staff shortages, but achieving these changes will require additional investment and a systematic approach to automation.

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