55 HRC NC Spotting Drills for aluminum

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Made of tungsten steel material with 55HRC hardness and durability
With titanium silicon coating for steel processing
High accuracy, suitable for fine turning of milling machine
Great workmanship and high quality, good replacement for the old one
Available in three styles for choice

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Cat.No D Lc d L Flutes Figure No.
MTS-3*8*3*50 3 8 3 50 2 90°
MTS-4*10*4*50 4 10 4 50 2 90°
MTS-5*13*5*50 5 13 5 50 2 90°
MTS-6*15*6*50 6 15 6 50 2 90°
MTS-6*15*6*75 6 15 6 75 2 90°
MTS-6*15*6*100 6 15 6 100 2 90°
MTS-8*20*8*60 8 20 8 60 2 90°
MTS-8*20*8*75 8 20 8 75 2 90°
MTS-10*25*10*75 10 25 10 75 2 90°
MTS-10*40*10*100 10 40 10 100 2 90°
MTS-12*30*12*75 12 30 12 75 2 90°
MTS-12*45*12*100 12 45 12 100 2 90°

The number of flutes is an essential part to control the performance of end mills. Generally, if there are few flutes, it is easy to discharge chips, but relatively section areas get smaller so that it makes the rigidity of tools fall down and enable tools to sway on cutting. On the other hand, if there are many flutes, the section areas get larger and the rigidity gets higher, but the chip capacity goes down owing to lessening the chip pocket and it is easily blocked up by chips.

The rigidity of tools by the length(L) of the flute

The shorter the length of tools, the higher the rigidity and performance of cutting.

The length of the flute becomes twice, the rigidity of end mills falls to 1/8. Because end mills are the tools to move horizontal, it is important for the rigidity of tools to be in inverse proportion to the length of tools. Using a longer flute that needs to be is not good.

You can choose suitable flutes for your cutting conditions now that XUTE JIFENG TOOLS, we have a variety of items.

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