55 HRC Carbide 2 Flute Micro End Mill

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Raw Material: Use YG10X with 10% Co content and 0.8um grain size.
Coating: AlTiN, High aluminum content provides excellent hot hardness and oxidation resistance.
Products Design: Spotting drills can perform both centering and chamfering. Precise position the holes and chamfer are accomplished at one time to improve the processing efficiency.

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Shaping high mineral content reconstituted stone products
Cutting and shaping mild steels

Machining copper foil in zero-chemical printed circuit etching
Machining non-ferrous and precious metals for jewelry fabrication
Machining cold-rolled and mild steels (with cutting fluid)
Engraving plaques, signs and awards

We use 100% original raw material, the micro grain tungsten carbide powder and cobalt powder(from German)to make the carbide rod, hardness can be 92.5-94.0(HRA), and T.R.S. is 4200-4800(N/mm2), this carbide rod can ensure the end mills with very strong abrasive resistance and impact strength.

Original raw micro grain material, high hardness and T.R.S.

1, Co: 10-12%, WC: 88-90%,

Grain size: 0.2-0.6μm,

Hardness: 92.5-94.0 HRA,

T.R.S.: 4200-4800 N/mm2,

Density: 14.3-14.8 G/cm3

2, We got 250T Extruder, 10MPa Overpressure Sintering Furnace-Vacuum

Dewaxing, these two equipments are very very important for manufacture and high quality carbide rods.

3, We use our own carbide rod for 90% of cutting tools.

4, We have introduced advanced CNC grinding machines in operating,Rollomatic,Schneeberger from Switzerland, ANCA from Australia, Zoller from German,KEYENCE from Japan,set up(Japan FANUC, brother processing center) tool laboratory test cut.Our technology from Taiwan. Guarantee high precision and good performance.

5, Helix Angle: 38-42 °(we could do 4 of them are 37°)

Diameter of cutting edge: 0.1-0.9mm

Diameter of rods: 4mm

Length: 50mm

Cutting Form: Ball nose, Corner Radius, Taper Flute, etc.

Flutes No.: 2 – 4

Super coating

TiAN,TiCN TiN and ARCO ,

improve tool life, reduce the coefficient of friction.


Copper, Cast Iron, Carbon steel, Tool steel,

Mould steel, Die steel, Stainless steel, Plastic, Arcylic, etc.

Price Performance Ratio

From tungsten powder to end mills, that’s the reason of our competitiveness!

Make sure about each piece end mill has a good quality,high precision and good performance.

More discount will be offered according to exact quantity.

Welcome to be our agents, OEM is also available.

Cat.No D Lc d L Flutes
MTS-0.2*0.4*4*50*2T 0.2 0.4 4 50 2
MTS-0.3*0.6*4*50*2T 0.3 0.6 4 50 2
MTS-0.4*0.8*4*50*2T 0.4 0.8 4 50 2
MTS-0.5*1*4*50*2T 0.5 1 4 50 2
MTS-0.6*1.2*4*50*2T 0.6 1.2 4 50 2
MTS-0.7*1.4*4*50*2T 0.7 1.4 4 50 2
MTS-0.8*1.6*4*50*2T 0.8 1.6 4 50 2
MTS-0.9*1.8*4*50*2T 0.9 1.8 4 50 2

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